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It’s important to keep up with what is happening in the world around you.  Check out those websites for current news.


News ELA

Time for Kids

National Geographic


I love Kid President!  I love everything Robby Novak is doing to make people better people and the world a better world.  Watch his videos and be inspired.  What will you do to make someone’s life more awesome?

Kid President’s Website

Looking for images for a project?  Make sure you have permission to use the image!  Use this website:

I love the snow and had too much fun playing during our week off.  I’m pretty sure these beyond adorable red pandas at the Cincinnati Zoo are having just as much fun as I did!

Click on these fantastic penguins to read a great article about the sweaters and Australia’s oldest man! Caution: It’s adorable!


Side note: I’ve been to Phillip Island in Australia and have seen these little guys come up to their nests for the night.  It’s called the Penguin Parade and it’s awesome! Sadly, they were not wearing these sweaters!

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