Creative Genius


It’s makerspace time in the library!  What’s a makerspace? It’s a place to create.  A place to tinker.  A place to build.  A place to be creative.

What will you make?

Not sure? Check out some pictures and videos below to give your imagination a spark!

 What can you do with a cardboard box?

duck tape

Duck Tape flowers!


A marble run!

cassette tape chair

A floppy disk chair!

Like making music? See what you can create on GarageBand!  Like taking pictures? Edit them with some cool effects in iPhoto!  Like making movies? Grab a camera, film, and head to iMovie! Grab an action figure, a car, or some Legos and create a StopMotion!  You can also check out the how-to books in the Makerspace for some more great ideas!

The possibilities are endless!!!  Check the Makerspace page on our website to see what’s been made!


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